The strongest teams are built through employee referrals.

Employee referrals are your company's best source of talent. However, common challenges limit the number of quality hires that are made. Simppler’s platform empowers companies to take control of their employee referral program from discovery-to-hire.

Simppler turbocharges employee referral hiring, leading to faster & more cost effective hiring, better business performance and lower attrition.

Boost Employee Engagement

Despite referral bonuses, recruiting is still not top-of-mind for employees. Simppler gets employees involved in hiring through personalized referral recommendations and a suite of engagement tools.

Quality Not Volume

It’s time consuming to follow-up on referrals when they are not the right fit. Simppler's technology surfaces only the best referral candidates that your employees know, so less time is spent sifting through unqualified referrals.

Remove Referral Process Pain-Points

Referral tracking and bonus payouts can be extremely manual. Our platform helps companies side-step common workflow challenges so your employee referral program is easier and more productive than ever.

How do you hire over 250 positions each year without sacrificing quality? Learn how Ooyala used Simppler to tap into the power of team based recruiting and find the talent they needed to grow their business.

What People Are Saying About Us

I don’t really use agencies anymore. For the cost of one agency hire, it pays for my team to use Simppler for a year.

—Eric Berg, Global Staffing Director @ Ooyala

Simppler is taking the most innovative approach to this critical endeavor that we have seen in the market.

—Jared Lucas, Chief People Officer @ MobileIron

Simppler has enabled our employees to shape our growth from the inside-out.

—Brian Schneider, Talent leader at, Zynga, and Vevo

Simppler is the best referral tool out there and it makes recruiters’ lives easier.

—Adeyemi Ajao, VP Technology Product @ Workday

Our investors

Simppler is backed by some of the biggest names in Venture Capital. We’re proud of the guidance and expertise provided by our investors.